Reading Fluency Passages and Comprehension Questions – Set 1

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Reading for fluency is the key to helping your students become stronger and more confident readers.

These reading for fluency passages are an awesome tool to help your students become more fluent readers.

Here is what you’ll receive:

  1. 10 fluency passages
  2. Comprehension questions
  3. Answer keys
  4. Fluency informational sheet
  5. Recommended fluency standards
  6. Fluency graphs
  7. Fluency tracking sheet
  8. Fluency bookmark
  9. Summary page
  10. Google slides version
  11. Directions for saving to your Google Drive
  12. Directions for assigning passage through Google Classroom
  13. Suggestions for use

There are 4 versions of the passages:

1. Passages with fluency monitoring box

  • These have an area to track students’ correct words per minute for three days, three times a week.
  • These have a signature line for adults to sign that the student read.

2. Passages with NO fluency monitoring box

  • These do not have the area to track correct words per minute.
  • These do not have a signature line.
  • The text is larger on this edition.

3. Passages with questions on one page

  • These have the passage with comprehension questions all on one page.
  • These are great for saving paper.

4. Passages in Google Slides

  • The reading passage and comprehension questions are all on one page.
  • These are in landscape format so that it’s easier for students and teachers to read them.
  • These are linked individually, so you can easily assign one at a time to your students.


Reading Levels Information

  • Word counts range from 100 – 205 words
  • Fry reading levels range from 3rd grade – 6th grade
  • Flesch-Kincaid grade levels range from 3.1 – 6.0


Topics/levels included in this product are:

  • Nutrition – 6th grade
  • Types of Rocks – 5th grade
  • Sharks – 3rd grade
  • Lightning – 6th grade
  • Hershey Park – 4th grade
  • Blackbeard – 4th grade
  • Geocaching – 5th grade
  • Louis Armstrong – 5th grade
  • Camels – 5th grade
  • Touch Screens – 5th grade

Thank you so much,

Monica Parsons


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