Multiplication Task Cards with QR Codes + Google Form {Christmas Theme}

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Looking for a fun way to practice multiplication during the Christmas season? These 24 task cards make math fun!


Looking for a fun way to practice multiplication during the Christmas season? These 24 task cards make math fun!
These cards also have QR codes! If students have a device that can scan QR codes, they can check their own work! They solve the problem on paper, then use their devices to see if their answers are correct. Students LOVE this feature!
If your students do not have devices, or you don’t want them to use them, I left the original cards without QR codes.
I’ve also added a Google form edition! You will download the form and then share with your students. It’s graded for you, which means that students will receive instant feedback and you won’t have to grade anything! These are perfect for distance/remote learning!
There are many ways to use task cards in the classroom. Here are a few:
  1. individual: great for students who need extra practice and also great for students who finish early
  2. partners: students can do task cards with partners
  3. small group: these are great for the teacher to do with a small group that needs extra practice or a challenge; they can also be used in a small group in math centers/stations
  4. whole group: this makes a great “Scoot” game! You can also place the cards randomly around the room and let students walk around and solve.
There are 24 cards in this set:
  • Cards 1-4 are 1 X 2 digit numbers
  • Cards 5-8 are 1 X 3 digit numbers
  • Cards 9-12 are 1 X 4 digit numbers
  • Cards 13-24 are 2 X 2 digit numbers
There are 2 sets of cards:
  • The first 24 cards DO NOT have QR codes.
  • The second 24 cards DO have QR codes.
  • Both sets have the same problems.
I have included a variety of worksheets for students to use:
  • 4 pages with 6 boxes each – best to use if students need more room to solve problems
  • 2 pages with 12 boxes each – best to use if students can work with less writing space
  • 1 page with 24 boxes – best to use to save paper – if students do work on notebook paper, they can just record the answers on this sheet, making it easier to grade; they can staple their work to the back of the sheet
  • a page to use with QR codes – students solve the problems and write their answers down; then they scan the QR codes and color the ornaments if they got the right answer
I recommend printing these on card stock and laminating them. You can print multiple sets so that several students can work at once.
Thank you so much,
Monica Parsons

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