Reading Fluency Definition

Reading fluency is the ability to read with comprehension, accuracy, speed, and expression. I like to refer to it as CASE:   C = comprehension A = accuracy S = speed E = expression Comprehension: Comprehension refers to understanding. If students don’t understand what they are reading, they are simply word calling. You can assess […]

5 Organizational Skills to Make Life Easier

Let’s talk about organizational skills. Did you know that the average person wastes 8,700 hours of their life looking for lost items? Can you relate? I know that I can! Time is precious, and I hate wasting it! I’ve always loved organizing things. Not only is an organized home pleasing to the eye, but it […]

5 Must-Have Teacher Tools from Amazon

All teachers have special teacher tools that they recommend to their friends. I shop on Amazon weekly daily, so you can trust that I know an amazing product when I see it! Keep reading to check out the best of the best teacher tools that Amazon has to offer! Air Pod Pros Case – although […]