5 Organizational Skills to Make Life Easier

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Let’s talk about organizational skills.

Did you know that the average person wastes 8,700 hours of their life looking for lost items? Can you relate? I know that I can! Time is precious, and I hate wasting it!

I’ve always loved organizing things. Not only is an organized home pleasing to the eye, but it will help you be more productive! Read on to learn how to improve your organizational skills!

1. Use a planner.

Using a planner is a great way to improve your organizational skills! If you already have one, awesome! Maybe you don’t have a planner… so do some research, find one that you think will work for you, and get started. If you have no idea what you want, check out this post by Good Housekeeping or this post by BuzzFeed. Planners can be simple or you can use colors and stickers. The main point is to use it to help you get organized. Here are some helpful planner tips:

  • Write down all important dates. If you don’t write it down, you will forget.
  • Before you make an appointment or say yes to someone, check your planner!
  • Mark out things as you complete them – it will feel good!
  • Take your planner with you everywhere you go. The one time you don’t, you’ll need it!
  • Make lists in your planner. I use a Plum Paper planner, but I ordered it without binding. This Happy Planner holepunch and rings are game-changers because I can take things in and out of my planner! I also use these daily lists to map out each day. I’m so much more productive now!
  • Set aside time to write in your planner. I recommend looking at it every night before you go to bed, and then again each morning before you start your day.

2. Set alarms on your phone.


Do you take medication each day? Maybe you have lots of appointments. Or, do you have a list of things you need to remember? If any of these apply to you, use your phone to set alarms! What does this have to do with organizational skills? A huge part of being organized is making plans, and then following through with them. I often forget to take attendance, so I have an alarm set for every weekday at 11:15. When I hear that song, then I know it’s time to do my attendance! Maybe you take medication each night. Set that alarm! Have fun with it and change up the ringtones or songs that you use.

3. Use checklists!


I know that I said to use a planner, and I meant that. If you want improve your organizational skills, checklists are a MUST! You can use sticky notes, or index cards, or simply make lists inside your planner. Experiment with a few things and do what works for you!

I have lots of checklists:

  • monthly bills to pay (in order of due date with amount listed)
  • blog posts to write
  • daily tasks
  • shopping lists
  • things my students need to work on
  • goals that I have (exercise more, drink more water, etc.)
  • weekly events

I use these sticky note holders because they attach to my monitor. I also love these to do list notebooks and these Rae Dunn notepads.

4. Clean up before bed.

I was at work one day complaining about my messy house. I hate waking up to a mess, because I don’t feel organized and my day starts off badly. My colleague suggested that I clean up each night before bed. She told me to set an alarm 15 minutes before I go to bed. When the alarm goes off, I have to get up and start cleaning. This has forced me to become more organized, and my mood is so much better in the morning! Instead of waking up to a mess, I wake up to a clean house. It’s not spotless, but I put everything in its place. I’ve also started getting everything ready for the next day, such as my schedule, my outfit, and my lunch.

5. Organize your email.

If I look at my phone and I have more than 10 unread emails, my blood pressure starts to rise. I’m not kidding. Having too many unread emails sends my body into panic mode. You see, I look at my email list as my to do list. If there are messages, those are things that I have to do… and I’m a check that off my list now kind of girl. How in the world do you organize your email? One thing you can do is to unsubscribe from senders that you no longer want to hear from. Another step you can take is to set up labels (or folders) by topics. Taking these actions will decrease the number of emails in your inbox and help you to be more organized.

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